It is possible. Mindfulness and meditation can help you to achieve this. And this is something that is truly possible for you to master. Let me show you how.


“But I can’t meditate, I’ve tried” I hear you say. “My mind just won’t switch off”..


I’ve heard this hundreds of times before and I’ve guided these people to see for themselves that it is indeed absolutely possible. Once you understand what is happening in the mind and then learn and apply the time tested techniques to master the mind, it’s easy. You won’t believe how easy it actually is!

An Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

A one day transformative retreat

With Edward Enever


2018 Dates to be advised

Imagine being able to be more present with your kids, your partner, your business colleagues or your clients….


Imagine you sleeping better, with less anxiety and feeling less stressed and being less reactive….


Imagine being able to feel a deep sense of peace and calmness in the face of the hectic crazy world you live in…


Imagine being able to connect back in with the real you…


I don’t have time to just sit around and “do nothing”

This workshop is masterfully crafted with a balance of intellectual understanding of the science behind what happens when we sit, combined with the art and essence of meditation. On the workshop we will explore health and what it is to be truly healthy. We will explore aspects of human behaviour driving the way you are and look at ways to bring more happiness and inspiration into your life. A meditation workshop wouldn’t be a meditation workshop without meditation, so, there will be guided and self-directed meditations as we cover different meditation styles, breathing techniques and more…

Meditation is not about sitting on the floor for hours on end in the pretzel position, bald head chanting out loud your mantras whilst wearing Thai fisherman pants and a tie-dye top... Meditation is valuing yourself enough to give up some of your day, for you. It’s about allowing yourself to have respite from the stress of this crazy hectic world we live in. It’s about putting your happiness and health first for once… It’s about allowing your body to feel safe, to relax, and to heal…


  • Five hour transformative educational retreat workshop with Edward Enever, including guided meditations and much more.

  • Workbook to take home for extra guidance on your journey with meditation & mindfulness.

  • A mp3 guided meditation to download and enjoy as often as you like after you go home

  • An essential oil gift to deepen your meditation.

  • Membership into a private discussion group to support your long term practice

Stress can make you unwell…very unwell..


Stress is serious business.. I know it all too well, unfortunately. In 2013 stress got the better of me and I became incredibly unwell… I was diagnosed with cancer. Even worse, I had 2 relapses and it took over 2 years to regain my health. I lost everything due to stress – my home, my health, a business, all my money, a marriage, the ability to wake up to my kids everyday… This could be you to some extent… It doesn’t have to be… It won’t be… Let me show you how.  A crucial part of me getting well and getting life back on track was stress management, regaining balance in my life and the reconnection back to self.

I get it, life is busy and stressful.. We have work, the kids, family life, our friends, the bills to pay, vacuuming, exercise, our diet….. Before we know it we start to “get all up in our heads” and life starts to fly by and we disconnect… This is what happened to me.. I was disconnected.. disconnected from myself.. disconnected from my loved ones…. Disconnected from life… how could I connect to anyone when I couldn’t even connect to myself? I couldn’t even remember who I was anymore…

Does this sound familiar?


Through mindfulness meditation I found a path back to me. A path back to connection. This can be you too. It’s there for the taking. All you need to do is commit. Not to me…. Not to your family…. You need to commit to YOU…

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