I help people from all over Australia, New Zealand and even internationally. Appointments can be face to face or via Skype or phone.


Before your initial consultation you will be emailed my Comprehensive Health Questionnaire to be completed and returned before our appointment. This questionnaire allows this consultation to be more effective in getting to know you as the patient and where you are on your health journey rather than me spending an hour asking you mundane questions.


I believe it is vitally important to understand you the patient and the events that have led up to and contributed to your diagnosis. After this consultation you will be given general instructions, referrals for functional pathology tests (if required) to help the case, and information that will help you decide if working with me is what you would like to do. A second appointment will be made at this point and it is at this appointment that a comprehensive, individualized treatment program will be formulated.


There is never a rush to begin treatment. It is vitally important for you to be fully informed as a patient as to  your treatment options and for you to be fully on board, understand and believe in the path that you choose, whatever that is. I am here to support you on your journey.

Clinic Locations

Kalamunda Clinic 

Whistlepipe Gully Natural Healthcare

Address given out on booking

0411 501 979

Perth Clinic

Perth Natural Medical Clinic

361 Lord St, Perth

9328 9233




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Tel: +61-411-501-979

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