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It would be a day that I would never forget. It was 10 days before Christmas 2013 when I received a  diagnosis of testicular cancer. Now if you're going to get cancer, this is the one you want..... If you can get get it! Testicular cancer is THE most treatable cancer. The success rates of first line traditional oncology care is very high. Like around the 94-96 percent mark. This cannot be said for most cancers. People diagnosed with testicular cancer should not be having relapses and they certainly should not be dying. So why did I have three relapses then?


I was doing, what I thought was, everything right. I was doing the right oncology, the right diet and supplements, and on paper, everything should have been successful. But it wasn't... Over the next 2 years I would battle for my life with multiple relapses of cancer and when I was at my worst I had a 9cm x 8cm x 3cm tumour in my abdomen that was pushing my bowel up against my abdominal wall, I had two tumours in my chest, two under my collar bone, one in my neck and, one in my lung... I was pretty unwell...


It was at this point that I had to take a step back and ask myself the question "What the hell am I missing?". It became very obvious that the problem wasn't in WHAT I was doing - I was ticking all the boxes. The issue, was in the WAY that I was doing it.. At the time of diagnosis and the year or so to follow I was the owner of a large wellness centre. I had fifteen health practitioners working with me, as well as a yoga hall, a cafe and a shop running out of my centre. I was the main person in this business. I did it ALL, or pretty much all. I was scrubbing toilets, mowing lawns, fixing guttering.. then marketing, micro managing fifteen people with all their personality quirks, book keeping and then to top it off, consulting as a naturopath.


I felt like a jack of all trades, master of none and I felt totally unfulfilled. I was unfulfilled, worn out, beginning to get resentful and... SUPER STRESSED. It was taking its toll on my marriage, and causing me to disconnect from my then wife, and then it came... the diagnosis... Just in time for Christmas.  


What I was doing, which is the trap for most cancer patients, was focusing on the physical condition, THE WHAT. I wasn't looking at the WHY... WHY was I unwell? What did this cancer represent for me? I was also trying to get well in an environment that wasn't conducive to healing. Stress was BLOCKING my healing process. IT'S THAT POWERFUL. It's so powerful that it blocked the most powerful drugs on the planet that are proven to work and the result was that I had to have much more treatment than should have been necessary.


When I changed my approach and began to look at the bigger picture and address my cancer from multiple angles, made major changes to my life and learned how to master the stress response, funnily enough, I got well and maintained my health. An important lesson I learnt was it's not always about what we put into our body that counts. Sometimes the more important question is, what do we need to take out of the body to allow the body to heal and what environment do I need to create for my body to heal in? 

On my cancer journey, through my own research and necessity, I was exposed to many alternative and complementary therapies. Part of my journey was spending 8 weeks overseas receiving intensive hyperthermia treatment and since then I have helped many clients to travel globally to seek treatments. My knowledge of potential therapies and how to combine them into a comprehensive integrative program is one of my strongest attributes and the formulation of a comprehensive program for you to follow is one of the ways I can be of highest service to you. I've helped hundred of clients to traverse the cancer journey. From prevention, diagnosis, to treatment or end of life transition, I am highly skilled to help you on your journey with cancer.

I lost a lot of things from being diagnosed with cancer, but I also gained something really special - a purpose. That purpose is to help someone like you on your journey with cancer to ensure the best possible outcome.


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