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A diagnosis of cancer is easily one of the scariest and overwhelming times of your life. With the excess of information out there in "cyberspace" it's easy to get totally confused and overwhelmed with what to do and what to take to support your diagnosis.


There is so much information out there and much of it is simply cherry picked information with little evidence or solid science behind it to support the sometimes outlandish claims promised. 

Unfortunately the statistics and prognosis of most cancers are relatively poor. Even though there is much research and billions of dollars spent looking for the "cure", sadly it still eludes us. To have a successful outcome, it's important to go above and beyond and to create your own statistics.

This is where the world of integrative oncology comes in.


When you are diagnosed, there's a huge amount of pressure placed upon you. I know you've felt this. decisions need to be made. To chemo or not to chemo? then the, as I call it, "the oncology train"  takes off with a flurry of appointments with radiation oncologists, PET scans, CT scans, second opinions, blood tests,  When mentioning anything to do with natural therapies, like vitamins, minerals, naturopathy, herbs etc. You can bank on an upturned nose and strong dismissal from most oncologists. And this is rightly so...

Just because a compound is natural, it doesn't mean that it's safe. It also does not mean that its safe to take with your traditional oncology medicines




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