One of the most undervalued factors that influences our health is stress. What many don’t understand is that stress is a full body major physiological event that impacts every system within the body.  The modern world is a stressful place and we are surrounded by stress at every turn. Stress takes many forms and the total sum of these stressors and its impact on our body is called our “Allostatic Load”. Most people’s allostatic load is much higher than they give themselves credit for and this “wear and tear” on the body takes its toll on our health and happiness and contributes to the development of many if not all chronic health complaints.


By mastering the stress response and learning how to induce the relaxation response through mindfulness meditation we can effectively decrease our allostatic load, minimising the negative influence stress has on our body, preventing illness and enhancing our health

Better stress management - helps managing pain levels - decreases occurrence and severity of anxiety attacks -  helps you gain a better perspective on your life helps manage inflammation in the body - helps balancing and strengthening of the immune system - decreases blood pressure - helps managing addictive tendencies - helps with depression  - helps control a hyperactive mind - improves sleep - increases life expectancy - better creativity and problem solving - increased cognitive function
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An Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation - 5 hour workshop


Your key to enhanced health


Most people have experienced the human stress response or “Fight or Flight”. Fight or flight is a normal physiological response the body has that’s activated in times of stress and its designed to save your life from a clearly defined present moment threat, not to make you unwell. What many people are unaware of is that there is an opposite response to fight or flight. This is known as the relaxation response.

The ability to induce the relaxation response is a skill – a skill that can be learned and mastered. Your defence against the impact that stress is having on your body, health and happiness is largely dependent on how skilled you are at engaging the relaxation response.

Do You Know What Your Allostatic Load Is?
Stress is the most undervalued factor that affects our health. In this video I discuss "Allostatic Load" and the impact its having on your health and happiness.






Want to learn meditation in a one-on-one setting so you get me all to yourself? Personal coaching is available to ensure you learn meditation the right way to set yourself with a solid foundation to build on.

Learn meditation from the comfort of your own home. Each week for eight weeks receive in your inbox specific video content that takes you in the art, science and essence of meditation in the "Unlocking The Power Within" online meditation course

4 and 8 week courses or 5 hour workshops structured to gently lead you into the heart, science and essence of meditation to enhance health, healing and happiness. Be meditating for at least 45 minutes by the end of the course guaranteed

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