Are you a student or newly graduated practitioner in Naturopathy, Nutrition or Herbal Medicine? Are you overwhelmed and feel like even though you have studied for the last four years plus, you are under equipped to be treating real, live patients? Are you not confident to have the discussions with your patients you know you need to have? 

Are you struggling to find your niche? Your purpose? The thing that makes your heart sing, that floats your boat?What you were put on this planet for and why you studied natural therapies in the first place...

Are you an experienced practitioner but feel stagnant and unfulfilled in your career? Sick of playing small and need help to uncover your purpose, strengths and how you can be of maximum service to humanity?

Do you want to specialize in oncology and want to understand how to work with people with a diagnosis of cancer? Understand what makes them tick and how to work with the psychological aspects of a cancer patient?

Then mentoring with me is what you need

I don't want you to be just be ANOTHER naturopath who dispenses natural medicines like medications, superficially treating your patients whilst never getting to the root cause of WHY they are unwell. I want you to be an extraordinary practitioner that has mastered the art of communication, listening, sharing and inspiring your patients so that they find meaning, purpose and context in their health issues.  So they move forward in life and heal. This is a true practitioner... This can be you.

Mentoring Opportunities

Two Month Program 

Be the practitioner you know you can be with this two month mentoring program. Find your niche, develop your program and market it to the world. Learn the essential skills of communication, vulnerability and sharing to inspire patients to make meaningful change in their life in this unique two month journey. 


Two hour mentoring sessions

Need help work shopping a specific case or do you know exactly what you need help with? Whether it be marketing, case management, technology, program formulation, emotional support for you, or finding your niche, book a two hour mentoring session with me and lets get straight to the point in this short but comprehensive session.


Enhancing your confidence with cancer

Oncology is a very challenging but hugely rewarding specialty. In this two month mentoring program understand the cancer patient on a deep level and learn how to motivate, inspire and coach them on their journey to ensure the best possible chance at the best possible health outcome

Finances a bit tight but still really want some mentoring? Group mentoring might be the option for you. These groups (maximum of 10 people) meet on a bi-monthly basis for four hours to explore the art, science and essence of being a natural health practitioner. 

Each session we explore finding your niche, developing your signature program, developing practitioner skills not taught at college, work-shopping tricky cases and exploring ways to get your message out to the world.

These affordable sessions are great way to gain confidence in your skills, define your niche and supercharge your practice.

Group Mentoring

One of the best ways to increase your clientele and patient services is to offer workshops and courses. Offering these services allows you to work smarter, not harder, avoiding the all too common burn-out, freeing up your time and creating a healthier work-life balance. 

Learn how to masterfully deliver your very own personalized mindfulness and meditation course in not one, but TWO formats - a six week course and a six hour workshop.


This course is delivered over three days with flexible payment options allowing you to start teaching and earning from day one! 

Teacher Training




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