"Your Hero's Journey"

Cancer Support Program

- Online and face to face support

This is my flagship program and the sum of everything I have to offer to the world. In this four month program I take the individual on a journey into cancer, what it means for them in the context of their life and help them to find meaning and purpose in their diagnosis. Combine this with a cutting edge evidence based integrative approach to cancer care and you have what could very well be one of the most powerful approaches to addressing your diagnosis.

"Unlocking The Power

Within" Meditation Course for Cancer Healing

This 8 week totally ONLINE course takes the student deep into the art, science and essence of meditation and mindfulness. You have a powerful medicine right at your fingertips and if you only knew how to unlock it you can potentiate your treatment outcomes. Unlock the power within with this very popular course on meditation and mindfulness for cancer patients.

Naturopathic Yoga for Cancer Patients Series

- Online yoga flows 

The "Your Hero's Journey" Naturopathic Yoga for Cancer Patients Series is a specific set of ONLINE yoga flows designed for cancer patients and anyone battling a chronic health complaint. It is a gentle, deeply nourishing, heart opening series perfect for the complete novice or someone with prior experience with yoga. Add this to your daily self-care routine and receive the benefits of yoga, relaxation and the power of opening you heartspace.

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