Don't blame your body.....Blame your soil!

It seems that we have all been sucked into the idea that there is something wrong with us. Orthodox medicine makes trillions of dollars each year by people believing that their body is broken and orthodox medicine has the answer to “fix” them. Please don’t get me wrong – Orthodox medicine is vital in emergency situations and in the case of surgical intervention is absolutely amazing, but if you don’t count these areas of the medical system, then there are only a few cases where there is legitimately a problem with the body. In my practice I say to almost all my patients “Listen…. There’s really nothing wrong with your body… your body is doing the best it can with the conditions that have been provided for it. If you’re not happy with the level of health you’re currently experiencing, raise the bar a little – provide better conditions for the body to run on.”

The human body has been self healing for hundreds of thousands of years. It knows what to do, but it needs the correct resources, or conditions, to do so. Health and wellness is a complicated topic as it has so many facets wrapped up in it. Health and wellness I believe is a balance between the physical, mental, emotional, social, familial, financial and spiritual aspects that completes the whole. As a busy health practitioner in my practice I like to use analogies to help explain concepts to my patients – analogies are great and can be a great tool to get people to have the lightbulb, ahhhhh haaa moment. Here’s one I use daily – as with growing fruits and vegetables, the fertility of the soil is critical to the health of the plant. Healthy soil grows healthy plants that are more nutritious, disease resistant and vibrant. Don’t buy into the idea that something is wrong with your body, don’t place the blame on your body – give it some credit. You are the one that sets the conditions for your body to function which makes you solely responsible for your level of health. This is scary for most people – their health is their responsibility. Disease will only grow in unhealthy soil. We are so programmed to not take responsibility for our state of health when in reality the quality of life and health you experienced is determined by the choices you make. You can either choose to stick the greasy deep fried burger into your mouth or, you can choose the healthier lean meat and salad wrap – it’s the same distance from the table to the mouth – you just have to make the choice – A or B? This is but one choice of the many facets of health that we are going to explore in these blogs.

Most of the chronic health complaints that humans suffer today are dietary and lifestyle diseases. Take Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Obesity for example – all develop from continual poor choices over a long period. Many health issues, especially the chronic diseases, are multi-faceted. By this I mean that there is not one cause for it, there are many. In my blogs I am going to attempt to cover all of the “causes” that get put into the mix to drag the body down into a state of “dis-ease”.

“Disease” is like a “mosaic” with many partial causes. As in the case of a mosaic, the picture is still largely there, even if individual stones are removed. The more dis-ease stones we can remove, the less the illness will become.

Orthodox medicine fails to provide answers for the chronic diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, auto-immune conditions and cancer etc. This is largely because they look for the single cause of the disease. This is the problem, there is not a cause, there are causes of the disease. Another way to think of dis-ease is to imagine that when you were born you were born with a 44 gallon ‘health and disease drum’ inside you. When born this drum is relatively empty and as you live your life you begin to fill this drum with ingredients that begin to hold the body back, things like – heavy metals, organic and in-organic toxins, chronically high stress levels, uncleared viruses, dietary deficiencies, poor dental health etc. etc, you get the drift. You may continue to fill this drum for years or decades feeling relatively fine until eventually it spills over the top of the drum. This is when the symptoms of dis-ease kick in and you begin to suffer. To then treat this disease correctly and re-establish health it is important to begin to empty the drum until the spill-over stops (symptoms abate), then to empty the drum completely. Now to empty the drum you need to look at what filled it. Many things did, so to “cure” yourself you need to empty out all the different things that filled the drum. In my opinion, and the way I treat my patients, is that this is how to truly heal the body and to “cure” dis-ease. This is true deep healing, true healthcare… Now this approach takes dedication – you cannot turn a health complaint around overnight when it has been brewing for years or decades.

To truly take charge of your health and to effectively heal the body you must take responsibility for the role you have played for creating your dis-ease. Once you have done that you can begin the work of repairing the damage that has been done and experience the health that you know you deserve – it won’t happen overnight….. but it will happen!

If this makes sense to you and you would like some help to get your health back on track from someone who has been through the process themself, consider making an appointment with Edward today. - 0411501979

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