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** The following blog post was written whilst i was in the Phillipines recieving hyperthermia for my cancer.**

Laying on your back for 7 hours a day gives you a lot to think about. For the last 4 days I’ve been pondering a specific issue I know I need to work out. In my original post I mentioned that apart from the therapies I am doing here at Ari’s and the herbal and nutritional supplementation I am taking I am putting into place some other changes. Two in particular are very important and I believe are a major key to me getting better. I mentioned in that post that I need to work on my environment and my perception of my environment – sounds pretty cryptic doesn't it. Let me explain…. This may take a bit. Bear with me..

We all have “stories”. These stories influence our perception of our reality. Think of these stories as background apps running in your psyche. These stories may be things like – I am worthless, I need to do things perfectly, I can't trust anyone, you have to work hard for money, you don't deserve etc. etc. etc. These stories dictate your life theme – how the stories plays out. I’m sure you can appreciate that everyone has their own opinions and these opinions shape their experience of their reality – these opinions are based on their underlying stories. Make sense? Sort of?? These stories, which I am going to call your ‘belief systems’, taint the colour of your lenses in your “glasses of life” and ultimately create the reality you live in. Have you heard the saying “she/he sees everything through rose coloured glasses” You get the point. So the quality of your lenses determines the quality of your experience/reality. I hope I’m making starting to make sense here….

Your perception of life influences your biology – your physical make up. This is fact. To understand how this happens we need to explore what’s called ‘Epi-Genetics’. Epi-genetics is the study of external influences on gene expression. In other words the external factors such as diet, lifestyle and other ‘out of body’ factors that influence what genes turn on or off and ultimately affect the functioning of the body, in good and bad ways. The absolute guru of this science is a man called Bruce Lipton, many of you reading this may have already heard of him, read his books or watched him on YouTube. Bruce is a biologist and author of many books with his most famous being ‘The Biology of Belief’. If you haven't explored his work please do its life changing stuff – it gives a scientific understanding of the woo woo new age stuff smile emoticon He’s a serious dude and an absolutely brilliant presenter – I have included a link at the end of this post you MUST watch. It’s an hour and a half long but well worth putting the time aside for it – it will blow your mind.

Bruce discovered in a laboratory something revolutionary to science, biology and genetics. He was doing an experiment where he took 100% identical stem cells and placed them in a number of petri dishes whose growing mediums (the fluid in the dish that the cells will develop in) varied slightly from dish to dish. Some were more alkaline, some more acidic, some had higher levels of certain nutrients etc etc. What happened next changed the understanding of genetics forever. The identical cells that in theory should develop into the exact same thing, did not… in one petri dish developed a muscle cell, in another a liver cell, in another a bone cell and so on. In conventional biology the ‘accepted’ theory is that the nucleus of the cell controls genetic expression, Bruce’s experiment proved otherwise. It wasn't the nucleus that controlled the genetic expression and the fate of the cell, it was the ENVIRONMENT! The environment told the nucleus which is the genetic construction site what to do.. Woah woah… this changes everything… Bruce through further investigation and experimentation took this one step further… he asked the question ‘well if this happens in a petri dish, what happens in the human body?’ What changes the environment around our cells? Many factors do – nutrition, pH, fluid balance, toxins, plus heaps more, but the one that is most important of all is stress and the chemicals released from stress. These external stimuli change the properties of the external environment of our cells, our cells perceive the environment and adapt accordingly – in good and bad ways depending on the stimulus.

This got me thinking, what is in my environment that might be creating my dis-ease? More importantly what is distorting my perception of my environment which is affecting my chemistry which is altering my biology and forming my cancer that just won’t go away?? If you watch the link to Bruce’s talk he explains that we only use 5% of our conscious mind every day. 95% of our day is spent in the subconscious, habitual mind. This is the part of our mind where our belief systems or ‘stories’ are. So if you spend 95% of your day running out of your belief systems which are I’m not worthy, I don’t deserve, I’m not lovable – what type of reality will you create for yourself 95% of the time? Now your belief systems, or stories, believe it or not aren't even yours. They are learnt behaviour from when you were from the last trimester of pregnancy until you hit age 6-7. You were a sponge neurologically during this time and the behaviour of your role models shaped your reality and the way you understood how the world works – your lenses of your ‘glasses of life’ were formed. If you grew up in a depressive household, that’s what the world is like for you and this is how you interact with it. If you grew up in an optimistic environment full of joy, love and support, that’s what the world is like and this is how you interact with it.

I've come to the realization that I have stories, as we all do. Some of my stories as best as I can figure out at this moment include - I’m not worthy, I need to be pessimistic, I need to pick fault in things, things need to be organised and clean, controlled and done to a very high standard. So where did these beliefs come from? They were learnt whilst growing up. At some point in time I decided I that this was how the world was and this is how I needed to act to survive in it – now this may have been a completely inappropriate perception at the time, but it was truth for me and I down loaded that into my subconscious and it’s tainted my lenses for the rest of my life. The funny thing is, you also tend to attract situations and circumstances into your life to support and fuel these ‘stories’ contributing to the repetitive life themes we have. Before I was in the health industry I spent almost 10 years in the printing industry. The printing industry is all about ‘near perfection’ – you are constantly looking for faults to fix to keep your print run as perfect as possible – it’s the name of the game. 10 years of doing this on a daily basis – you think that may have reinforced and solidified my belief system of needing to do things at a high standard, remain pessimistic, control the circumstances and pick fault?..... Now my reality for the last 3-4 years has been pretty hectic. We starting a business that grew way too fast, a family and buying a first home all in the same period. Do you think my reality was organised, controlled and done to a high standard.. no way, it was chaos! Now I don’t know about you but I have 2 young boys – a three and a half year old and a one year old. How do you control the uncontrollable?? You can’t!! smile emoticonNow you may have noticed I’m a bit of a thinker… do you think that I've had a lot of time to work this stuff out in my head over the past years? No. So over a 3-4 year period my reality clashed with my underlying belief systems leading to a huge amount of frustration, anger, resentment and it stripped the joy of life out of daily living. Combine this with a background belief of worthlessness and you have a pretty average existence though my eyes.

Now if what Bruce says is true, and it is, my beliefs affect my biology, and my beliefs are affected by my perceptions of my reality, then, if my outer reality (my perception of my external environment) is uncontrolled, dysfunctional and unorganised creating a huge amount of stress in the psyche and body with its nasty stress chemicals - what is this creating on a cellular level?... If the microcosm of life is a direct reflection of the macrocosm of life – meaning the cellular world is a direct reflection of the external outer world, then I have over the last 3-4 years created a cellular environment of toxic chemicals and hormones and uncontrolled, unorganised chaotic cellular dysfunction. Let’s have a look at the characteristics of cancer again – dysfunctional cells, uncontrolled growth, loss of control mechanisms within the cell, strength in numbers (tumour formation), the cells are hypoxic, acidic and toxic. Seems like I created the recipe for cancer to me….. from a biological perspective my cells replicated my environment, the nucleus produced an abundance of oncogenes (cancer promoting genes) to do this and this provided the breeding ground for tumour growth. Seems feasible to me..

So what do I do? Do I simply change my environment? The environment isn’t the problem as much as my perception of my environment is. I need to/am working on my perceptions. I’m doing my best to understand what inappropriate belief systems I have taken on in my life and trying to understand how these are influencing my health and happiness and CHOOSING to let them go through acceptance, looking for the blessings these belief systems have bestowed on me and developing gratitude for them. Only then I think will I be able to let them free to develop new, more appropriate belief systems that serve me, my family, my kids, my health and happiness and the wider community more positively.

I know I’ve rambled on for ages, but this is where I’m at with my psycho-spiritual-biological understanding of what’s going on for me at the moment. I told you I was a thinker! It feels right so I’m going with the flow. I hope what I’ve written makes some kind of sense and I encourage you to look at your behaviours and perceptions, ask the question of yourself ‘where did these belief systems come from? Are they mine or somebody else’s?’ and if they don’t serve you, upgrade the system. I hope I did Bruce Liptons work some kind of justice, I probably mutilated it, but if this stuff interests you make sure you watch/listen this YouTube link – it’s the bomb!! Thanks for listening xx


If this makes sense to you and you would like some help to get your health back on track from someone who has been through the process themself, consider making an appointment with Edward today. edwardeneverihc@gmail.com - 0411501979

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