Anxiety And The Brainwaves

Children that struggle with anxiety, from a neuro-electrical perspective, have a disproportionately high amount of Hi-Beta brainwaves dominating their brain electrical signature.

You see, we all run all of the brain waves, being gamma, beta, alpha, theta, delta, all of the time and it changes to suit the situation we are in. But, we each have a unique signature that makes us, us - our default setting so to speak. Sometimes the balance of this signature creates issues for us -unbalanced brain waves create an unbalanced brain create unbalanced hormones and emotional states.

When Hi-Beta is too dominant, the thoughts, or the monkey mind, runs rampant. Hi-Beta is associated with anxiety states, so a strategy to help children that battle with anxiety and hence their emotional states is to train the Hi-Beta down and enhance the calmer, more relaxed brainwaves like alpha and beta-SMR. This can be specifically achieved using neurofeedback. This is what we do at Mindful Monkeez.

Other important factors in a child under stress and anxiety is to address Pyrolle Disorder. Under stress, a compound called "pyrolles" increases in the blood and this compound interferes with the absorption and utilisation of the minerals zinc and magnesium, both crucial for balanced emotional states, and decreases vitamin B6 levels in the body. All this decreases the monkeez ability to deal with stress and as a result anxiety increases.

There is never one fix to a health issue. Fixing functional issues in the body, such as the microbiome, replacing deficiencies of vital nutrients, addressing the epigenetic (environmental) factors, whilst training the monkee how to self-regulate brain function and emotional states is the long-term solution to a happier, healthier monkee. I wish it was as easy as a bottle of pills, some magic herb or compound, but it's just not how health works.

What treatments, therapies, vitamins, compounds etc have you tried for your monkeez anxiety? How did it work? Did it or was it a waste of time? Tell us your story below and let's learn from each others experiences.

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