Stress And Your Monkee

Children experience stress very differently to adults. Childhood stress can take the form of long days at school, too many extra-curricular activities, poor sleep habits, poor nutrition, family dynamics and learning challenges to name but a few. The inability of a child to self-regulate their emotional state can lead to behavioural issues, separation, social and general anxieties, decreased cognitive function, attention deficits, tummy problems and a whole host of other signs and symptoms.

The human stress response is a full body major physiological event designed to save our self from a clearly defined present moment threat. It’s the type of response that it designed to save our lives, not to make us unwell and unhappy. This full body response engages different parts of our brain responsible for lightening quick reflexes and strength to fight, or flight. These survival parts of the brain are not designed for cognitive function, long attention spans or even memory and learning. When under stress it’s these areas of the brain that shut down leading to deficits in attention, learning, memory recall, impulse control and behavioural difficulties.

Here at Mindful Monkeez we use state of the art neurofeedback technology that analyzes your child's brain function and teaches them through the use of specialized computer games and videos how to self-regulate their attention, focus and enhance their ability to control their brain activity. The best part is that it is done in the comfort of your own home while our trained professionals monitor your child's progress online and in real time. ________

If you have a child with ADD, ADHD, any of the spectrum conditions, behavioural issues, maybe they are a fussy eater or they battle with anxiety, or, you just want to educate yourself on more techniques and strategies to raise a happier and healthier Monkee, head over to the Mindful Monkeez Australia closed FB group and ask to join, I'll approve you and then you can join in the conversation.


If you want to find out a little more about the program click the link below to learn more.


As a special bonus for the release, I'm offering a FREE 30 MINUTE EXPLORATION APPOINTMENT. In this appointment you can come play with the neurofeedback technology yourself and chat about your Monkee and see how we can help.

Mindful Monkeez - Helping you to raise happier, healthier Monkeez

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