Whole Family Dynamics and the Mindful Parent

July 4, 2018


Often children and their struggles, in particularly when it comes to behavioural issues, ADD, ADHD and childhood stress, are a result of not just biochemical imbalances, although these play an important role, but also the whole family dynamic.


The modern world is increasingly getting more stressful to live in and as adults sometimes this gets on top of us and we bring these stresses home from the workplace or let the pressures of everyday life permeate into the family home.


Here at Mindful Monkeez we recognise that adults struggle with stress at times. We’ve all been there, and if the adults of the family are struggling with stress, then the children of the family will also struggle. This is not about blame. Stress is a multi-generational issue. Our children learn how to deal with stress from us, their parents, we the parents learnt from our parents, and so on. At some point a change must occur in the family line, and we at Mindful Monkeez have a sneaky suspicion it’s with you... That’s why as part of your child’s care plan you are included - both of you - the parents or primary caregivers. We offer mindfulness and meditation training for the adults, as well as use of the EEG headband, so whilst your child learns to better self-regulate emotion and stress, so do you.


When under stress our consciousness projects out away from the present moment, where we are most mindful, to either the future with the what ifs, should bes, need tos and ought tos, or back out to the past ruminating on the events long gone, the traumas, the work conflict, the relationship stuff, childhood etc.


When in this state we are no longer existing in the present moment where whatever it is that we are doing has our undivided attention. This could be a work colleague, the husband or wife, a painting, a walk with the dog, the sunset or, our children.


We all know what it feels like when in the presence of someone, and it’s obvious that they aren’t really there. Yes, they are there in physical form, but mentally they are off somewhere else, maybe back at work, maybe at home, or at the shops. Imagine now what that feels like for a child. Turn the volume of that up tenfold.


Children crave attention. By developing mindfulness and allowing it to permeate into your connections and lives, your children’s attention needs are satisfied, they need less of it, quality not quantity, and in doing this it teaches them how to do the same for others.


If you would like to learn the art of mindful parenting then why not come along to one of our meditation and mindfulness workshops



If you have a child with ADD, ADHD, any of the spectrum conditions, behavioural issues, maybe they are a fussy eater or they battle with anxiety, or, you just want to educate yourself on more techniques and strategies to raise a happier and healthier Monkee, head over to the Mindful Monkeez Australia closed FB group and ask to join, I'll approve you and then you can join in the conversation.




If you want to find out a little more about the program click the link below to learn more.




As a special bonus for the release, I'm offering a FREE 30 MINUTE EXPLORATION APPOINTMENT. In this appointment you can come play with the neurofeedback technology yourself and chat about your Monkee and see how we can help.




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